Our end goal is to help you make the best of your wind turbines and farms. Whatever your job and your activity (researcher, operator, utility, consultant or a wind turbine manufacturer), we have a solution your wind measurement needs. We develop solutions for existing wind farms and for next-generation wind turbines.

Power performance optimization of existing wind farms

For existing wind farms, our solution is focused on power performance optimization. Seeing the wind exactly as the turbine sees it is essential for meaningful performance analysis. Positioned on top of the nacelle, our lidars systems measure, log and characterize the approaching wind at hub height.

This information is the link often missing between your turbine “fuel”, the wind, and your energy production. It allows you to analyses your turbines and wind farms in many ways, depending on your focus of interest:

The Wind Iris is dedicated to this approached, and has been designed as a powerful diagnosis tool. We took great care of having a product that is easy to mount and unmount on any turbine. This way, you can use it turbine after turbine for your analysis and optimization campaigns.

Integrated Lidar solutions for next-generation wind turbines

Optimizing existing wind farms is already a big step, but what if we could go further in harnessing the full potential of the Lidar?

This is one of the key mission of Avent as an industrial company. We work with leading wind turbine manufacturers on the integration of our technology into their turbines. As initial R&D programs show, this opens up a lot of possibilities for more cost-effective turbines.