Lidar-Assisted Wind Turbine Control

Avent Lidar Technology is a subsidiary of Leosphere, and its dedicated to provide suitable nacelle-mounted Lidar solutions for enabling wind turbine OEMs to innovate in Lidar-Assisted Control.

Lidar-Assisted Control is a unique technology with the proven potential of extending wind turbine design limits by substantially reducing loads and increasing energy capture. Our Lidar technology is rapidly reaching reliability and lifecycle costs to deliver on its promise at industrial scale.

The Wind Iris is designed to meet the wind industry requirements for implementation at large scale and offer the necessary measurement performances, unlocking a full range of technical and economic benefits.

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Other Applications

Leosphere  Group designs, develops, manufactures, sells and services turnkey remote-sensing instruments allowing wind measurement and aerosol characterization. in several markets such as Wind power, Meteorology, or Aviation weather.

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