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Meet us at Vind 2014

Stockholm, Sweden 22-23 October 2014

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New case study available!

The Lidar:a tool for power performance measurement

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Meet us at Nordic Wind Power

Stockholm,Sweden 04-05 November 2014

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One tool, many applications

Discover the various applications of the Wind Iris!

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Meet us at EWEA Techno Worshop

Malmo,Sweden 09-10 December 2014

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Wind Iris, a Field proven Lidar

Take a peek at our operational track record

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Turbine-mounted Lidars

From development to manufacturing, we are dedicated to providing value to the wind industry with a comprehensive range of Lidar solutions for:

Performance optimization
   of existing wind farms

> Integrated turbine control
   for next generation turbines

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Discover the Wind Iris!

Discover the Wind Iris!

Dedicated to power performance optimization, it will allow you to rapidly optimize your wind farm, turbine after turbine!

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R&D project shows nacelle-mounted LIDAR reduces yaw misalignment and improves turbine performance (2014-09-08)

A collaborative research project at the Energy Department’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has shown that the Wind Iris nacelle-mounted LIDAR from Avent Lidar Technology is an effective diagnostic tool for identifying wind turbine yaw misalignment, allowing users to improve wind turbine performance.  This is the first independent scientific field study validating the benefits of using turbine mounted LIDAR to correct rotor-induced yaw misalignment. An AEP increase of 2.4% has been estimated for a 7.5° misalignment....Read more

Partner Press Release: Wind Iris campaign in India (2014-06-16)

In Meteopole, partner of Avent Lidar Technology, has successfully started in June 2014 the first Wind Iris Performance Optimization project in India in June 2014. This project will significantly increase the performance of the turbines, owned by Indian IPP Continuum Wind Energy, in Surajbari Windfarm, Gujarat.

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